So, you’ve booked a multi-day trip. What in the world have you gotten yourself into? Here is a quick guide about what you can expect on a multi-day whitewater rafting trip with America’s Rafting Company:

First, you’ll have to decide what kind of boat you want to ride in, we have a variety of rafts/Kayaks to take on the river, you can get detailed information here. They include an oar boat, a paddle boat, or inflatable kayaks. The availability of each boat depends on your trip size, but typically we take oar boats and inflatable kayaks for the adventurous souls. We send out a questionnaire to get a feel for the groups size and boats desired once a trip is booked.

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Also, on this questionnaire is information about any allergies, so that we can plan our menu- which typically includes a full hot breakfast complete with fresh ground coffee and orange juice, a riverside style sandwich bar for lunch and a gourmet dinner, topped off with dutch over dessert! We really go all out when it comes to cooking on the river, in fact that’s one of my favorite parts!


As for camp, once most whitewater rafting trips, camp is set up when you get there. Tents are pitched, beds are made and appetizers are waiting! When you get to camp, you can grab a glass of wine, throw a line out in the water, reel in a 10 ft sturgeon, or just put your feet up and relax. It’s really up to you. The guides will busy themselves cooking dinner and in no time, you’ll have a full belly and a smile on your face!

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We really have thought about all the details- in fact, we have specially designed river toilets that are set up in a a private location. We will set a paddle out on the route to the toilet, and you’ll know that if the paddle is up- pants are up. If the paddle is down- pants are down. A little humor involved in an avoided subject can go a long ways!

Whether it’s a quick 3-day whitewater rafting trip or an extended 6-day trip- we will work everything out for you and make sure that you have everything needed to feel safe and comfortable out on the river.

Until next time…