Phew, summer is just around the corner, almost time for some river rafting Idaho! We are  down the days until we are on the water again! We’ve kept busy at river camp (our warehouse) in order to pass the time. It seemed as if we were in the dead of winter and summer was so far away, we didn’t need to hurry to catch up on anything, we had plenty of time to work on gear, get new ordered and finish up a couple of home improvement projects. Then one morning we woke up and Spring had quickly faded to the end of May and here we are, it’s Memorial Day Weekend and we are headed out to see Hells Canyon in the morning! Woohoo!

photo 2 (1)So, in order to prepare for our 2014 river rafting Idaho season, we had to make some big purchases this year. First and probably most exciting, we purchased some new AIRE boats! Parker was able to stop by the factory in Meridian and watch part of the production. It was an exciting day for America’s Rafting Company, knowing that a whole bunch of rubber was on it’s way to becoming so pretty-darn-good-looking boats! We even had AIRE place our website on the boats, that way everyone on the river will be able to read our web address and they’ll surely want to do a trip with hellscanyon.com next year!
photo 3

A second purchase we made was our BRAND NEW VAN (imagine that in a Bob Barker, Price is Right) voice. Ok, so it’s not brand new, it’s only new to us, which is basically the same thing, right? In the past, we have hired shuttle companies and/or shuttled guest’s vehicles around to the take out. Which is costly and inconvenient, so Parker spent the better part of the winter on Craigslist (that man can find some deals on Craigslist!) and finally landed on a Ford Van with a brand new motor, it’s in great shape and has very low miles, it was perfect! We headed down to Boise on a rainy afternoon and picked the beauty up. I have written about some of our adventures in the van, but not actually the purchase of the van. So, this season, we’ll be able to pick up our guests at the hotel the morning of the trip and head down the road, all excited and rearing to go river rafting Idaho! Woohoo! (this post is filled with a lot of woohoo’s)

photo 1

We have gotten some more new gear, which I will share about next week, right now, I am off to finish up some last minute touches on the river kitchen in the guide house. Then pack for a quick Hells Canyon trip tomorrow. River Rafting Idaho is the best!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

See you on the river…