Say the word vacation around a group of working adults and they may mumble about how they need a vacation or can’t get a vacation, and then they’ll likely conjure up images of palm trees and sandy beaches, or a trek through Europe, or sipping margaritas in Mexico. Vacation can mean so many different things to different people. It’s not often that vacation conjures up images of brisk whitewater, inflatable kayaks and dutch oven cooking. But, to us those images are the ideal vacation. Just like any vacation, a whitewater rafting vacation can be restorative, adventure some and energizing. It can mean re-kindling a flame, re-connecting with grown children or reminiscing with college buddies.


When asked what a whitewater rafting vacation is like, it’s hard to narrow it down into a couple concise sentences when conversing with a new acquaintance. It’s hard to put into words the meaning of riverside coffee, or sinking your feet into the sand and chatting with your better half, splashing in the water with your children. There are no rules (other than a couple safety topics) there are no bosses or emails or cell phones or traffic jams or anything that may cause stress. There’s just you, your river crew and comrades, the  gear and endless opportunities to get to know yourself again, contemplate the meaning of life and just exist in the moment.

Perhaps my most favorite concept on a whitewater rafting trip is the concept of time, or lack there-of. I am often asked what time will we be on the water each day- what time will we eat, etc. While we do keep to a pretty general timeline on the river, there really is no set time, other than river time. We eat when we’re hungry, sleep when you’re tired and drink when you’re thirsty. We move at the speed of the river- there is no rushing the Snake or Salmon River, there is only existing within the confines of the river canyon, and exist we do.

I hope that you’re able to experience the best vacation on the planet with us, a whitewater rafting vacation.

See you on the river…