Hello! Hope you all had a great adventure some weekend! Here at ARC headquarters, things are still quite busy, despite the season. Fall is typically our busiest behind the scenes season, as we are busy tying up loose ends from the summer. We get all of our equipment put to bed for a long hibernation into winter and finish up outside projects before the snow flies here in Meadows Valley.

This Idaho Rafting Company was busy this weekend, working on a new boat shop (we are at max capacity in our current boat shop) so a new one is going up! We have had a lot of rain over the past weekend, so we’ve been trying to squeeze in some time outside in between the showers. The boat shop is all flagged and marked, holes will be drilled this week for the poles and progress will continue! The weather forecast is going to be chilly, but dry, so fingers crossed we can make some progress on the shop this week!IMG_1435.JPG

IMG_1434.JPGWe were able to escape the boat shop for a bit and take a drive up the Salmon River to see some fall colors and take a couple little side hikes, the weather was perfect and the drive/hike was just what we needed- we really miss the rivers when we don’t see them for a couple weeks, so it was time to check in and ogle some whitewater! Here are a couple shots from that drive:







See you on the river…