The adventure-mobile, all tucked in for winter with a fresh blanket of snow.

Did you all have a great weekend? Any awesome adventures? The Idaho rafting crew at ARC had a weekend full of chores! We have been preparing for winter lately and just in time, too. Here’s some images caught early this morning at the boat shop:


The new boat shop, sporting some new snow.

We’ve had about 6 inches of snow drop and stick around in Meadows Valley, Idaho and up on the mountains, they’re reporting over a foot of snow! In fact, Brundage Ski Resort (which is about 15 minutes away from our warehouse) is planning on opening one of their lifts this weekend! Woohoo! That’s much earlier than last year, Brundage wasn’t able to open until after Christmas in 2013, so this is exciting news! All the snow early on gives this Idaho rafting company high hopes for high water next summer.

The rivers that America’s Rafting Company runs are all fed by the snow melt, in fact, the Salmon River is the longest running river in North America without any dams. The flows depend solely on Mother Nature. The Snake River, through Hells Canyon is a dammed river, so flows are fed by snow melt, but regulated by Idaho Power. Water is reserved in the three reserviors in Hells Canyon and released. The Owyhee River is an early Spring run off river, so typically we float that in March/April/May, cause once the water’s gone, it’s gone. So, fingers crossed and snow dance dancin’ this will be a big winter and we’ll have a big summer!!

See you on the river…