Sunset to end our Thanksgiving Celebration!

Phew, what a weekend we had! We hope that your Thanksgiving Holiday weekend was full of fun and maybe a little adventure! Here at the ARC headquarters, things were pretty quiet, we were actually out of town, enjoying one of our many adventure trips ! This trip happened to be focused on family, giving thanks and lots of turkey! As were many other adventure trips around the country over the holiday weekend. We headed South to Nevada to celebrate with friends and family. We heard from many of our past guests and wished a Happy Thanksgiving back and forth, it was great to hear from those near and far!




Dutch oven cooking on one of our adventure trips!

Not all of our adventure trips include extensive travel and turkey, most include very regional travel and dutch oven cookin’! Out of all of our adventure trips, our most popular is our Snake River through Hells Canyon whitewater rafting trip. Being the deepest canyon in North America, many people have Hells Canyon on their bucket list. Once you arrive in the McCall, ID area, we travel a short distance to the put-in at Hells Canyon Dam and have everything packed and ready to go! Including the dutch ovens, which we use to prepare meals like our famous “roasted river chicken” or baked brie and grape appetizers! The dutch ovens work hard and so do we to put on our most popular adventure trips!

See you on the river…

Fresh grilled veggies and pineapple, dutch ovens cooking up some delicious fare!