Many of you may know the adventure-mobile, some more personally than others. If you’ve been on Idaho rafting trips with ARC than you’ve taken a lovely and entertaining ride in the adventure-mobile (15 passenger van)! The ride in the adventure mobile is quite different on the way to the river than it is on the way home from the river.

On the way to the river for one of our Idaho Rafting Trips the adventure-mobile  is full of excitement and anticipation, the conversation is light and introductory, strangers getting to know each other, likely thinking, “what in the world am I getting myself into?” Then we make the last crest over Hells Canyon Dam (if on a Hells Canyon trip) and our passengers get to see the river for the first time- the river, not the reservoir that we have been travelling along the whole way so far. Trying to explain to first timers that the river is there, below the miles and miles of water is like telling someone that underneath the color black is a whole spectrum of other colors. It’s hard to imagine where the river once was, until you make that last stretch over the dam and see where the real river is, the white water, the water’s edge, get a glimpse of what Idaho rafting trips are all about. It’s so hard to imagine what the reserviors have taken away until you get to see what is left. But, I digress- back to the adventure mobile!!

When the adventure mobile is coming back home after one of our photo (2)3 or 4 day Idaho rafting trips, the
conversation has turned from small talk to reminiscing and laughter, those guests that were once strangers are now friends. They’ve been through the deepest or second deepest canyon in North America and loved every second, they’ve shared laughs and memories, they’ve fished side by side, they’ve eaten at the same table. There have been many connections made on Idaho rafting trips that last a lifetime. The adventure mobile transcends strangers into friends and will turn around to do it again the next week. The adventure mobile is so much more than a means of transportation for a bunch of travelers, it’s a means to adventure and memories, unforgettable vacations and new friends. The life of ARC’s adventure mobile during the summer is just that- full of adventure!

photo (1)Then, the summer winds down and the adventure mobile gets a thorough scrub down and check up. Then she’s parked at ARC’s headquarters and is left to wait, count down the days until summer rolls around again. Here are the latest pictures of the adventure mobile, she’s covered in snow tucked in nice and tight for the rest of winter. Waiting for the song birds of Spring to signal that summer is on it’s way.


Does she look a bit lonely? Join ARC on one of our Idaho rafting trips this summer to get to know the crew and more importantly the infamous adventure mobile!!!

Take me (and the adventure-mobile) to the river…