So, I decided to do an A to Z post, all about rafting in Idaho. It may get a bit quirky and I hope give you a laugh or two, so here goes…

Rafting in Idaho A to Z007

A- appetizers- served nightly

B- Babe the Big Blue Gear Boat- she makes it on almost all our trips

C- counting down the days until river season

D- delicious food

E- everyone will enjoy

F- fun

G- gear, a lot of gear

H- hot weather- makes that river feel oh so nice!

I- rafting in IDAHO- more whitewater miles than any other state in the lower 48

J- jump in the boat, or into the water

K- kayak, inflatable or hard-shell, they’re all perfect for the Salmon River

L- liberating, jumping off sturgeon rock is liberating

M- marshmallows, roasted around the campfire

N- no shoes, no shirt, no problems!

O- oars to get us down the river

P- paddle, paddle, paddle

Q- quick, the trip goes too quick

R- river, of course

S- sturgeon, some of the biggest fresh water fish are caught in Hells Canyon

T- tents! or not, your choice

U- universal fit life jackets

V- views, some of the best views on the planet!

W- whitewater


Y-you, the trip wouldn’t be any fund without YOU!

Z- z shaped tan lines on all the feet of your river guides019

Well, there you have it folks, that is rafting in Idaho, A to Z. Except X. I could use some help on X, if you can give me a great idea for the letter X I will gladly mail you a hellscanyon.com sticker! Leave your idea for Rafting in Idaho, the letter X in the comments below, I’d love to hear from you!


Maxin' and relaxin' on the river

Maxin’ and relaxin’ on the river

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