Recently I got a new pack. I am adamant about the old mantra “You get what you pay for” and I know that holds true for outdoor gear. In beginning my search to find the perfect pack, I had a couple features in mind that I wouldn’t go without, things that make backpacking more efficient for me. I began my search on Amazon- I love to read the customer reviews! I have always been one do my research on a new purchase, especially one that’s going to cost me a bit of money. I am sure that someone searching for the best white water rafting has a similar outlook in mind. They want to read the reviews of past guests, to see what they said, whether it was good or bad, what the company excelled at and of course, was the trip really the best white water rafting?

best white water raftingbest white water rafting

Well, I am here to tell you that reviews are a big part of our summer, we love to hear from our guests when things went well on their trip and even if things didn’t go so well. We need to be sure that we’re providing the best possible trip for our guests. So, we take our reviews seriously and put into practice any suggestions that we get. So, without further adieu, here are some of the reviews that our guests emailed to us this year:

From Annie- Seven Devils & Hells Canyon

SERIOUS thank you’s to all of you guys. Your warm and spirited zest for life and the river made our trip outstanding!

From Amanda- Salmon River

I cannot stop talking about it and I am so bummed to be home.  I loved how organized and well planned the whole trip was.  You and Parker have a wonderful company.  I can only hope your guides enjoyed us as much as we enjoyed them. We are already planning for next year and have a few others that want to join! I will keep in touch for plans! Thank you again and I hope you guys have a wonderful summer.

From Joe- Hells Canyon

Thank you for a great trip, the food and service was beyond compare.  You have an awesome crew.

From Marty- Hells Canyon

I wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the trip and especially getting to know you and Parker. Maybe you shouldn’t tell Parker that second part, you know how he can get! 🙂 It was so great how you all made the trip fun and kept it all safe.

The reviews go on, but those were a few that we got this year.
So, you can see that the best white water rafting has to be in Idaho (we do have more white water miles than any other state in the lower 48) and we are lucky enough to get so share the best white water rafting with our guests!

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