There are many different kinds of watercraft river runners take downstream: rafts, kayaks, jet boats, dories, and even back in the day steamboats and the occasional thrill-seeking ride in a barrel.


Here at America’s Rafting Company, we stick to 3 options:


Oar Boats

Oar Boats are the most comfortable and stable boat. It’s a 16′-18′ inflatable raft controlled by a guide in the middle of the boat with 2 large oars. It’s ideal for fishing, picture taking, relaxing and enjoying the ride. These boats are great for everyone, and younger kids and older adults tend to really like them.

Fits 2-6 people with a guide.


Paddle Boats

Paddle Boats are in the action. Each person is equipped with a paddle to navigate down river with the help of a guide located in the back of the boat. These inflatable rafts are slightly smaller than the Oar Boats and usually have a splashier more jam packed ride. They are great for friends or family looking for an adventure.

Fits 4-8 people with a guide.


Inflatable Kayaks

Inflatable Kayaks hold one or 2 people right above the river. They are great for exploring on flat water or enjoying an adventurous ride through rapids! These boats can be inflated or deflated and stored on a bigger raft.

Fits 1-2 people with no guide.


When you book a trip, you’ll have the option to choose between the type of boat you’d like to ride in. We encourage switching up boats during the trip if you’d like!

Not all trips can have all types of boats, but we try our best to accommodate your requests!