The 2017 whitewater rafting season has finally hit it’s end. Our jam packed summer rolled right into fall and then on into December!


The boats have been scrubbed down, de-sanded, rolled up, and put to bed for the winter. Our repair projects are piled a mile high for a snowy day and even the store is empty and waiting on a fresh coat of paint and a redesign. There are dozens of recipes to test out for next season and we are certainly ready to try them out (white queso, club sandwiches with homemade honey mustard, cookies, cream cheese stuffed bagels…but more on those later).

Here’s a look back at all the fun we had in Hells Canyon and the Salmon River:


Catching the early morning sun poking up above the Seven Devils Mountains at camp on the Snake River.


Seeing the solar eclipse from the bottom of Hells Canyon was pretty incredible. Excitement was high and we managed to take about 1000 awful photos of the dark sky.


Getting dunked in the rapids on the Snake River



Smoke from forest fires in the Northwest blew into Hells Canyon in August but that didn’t stop the good times. It did make for some great (and sometimes spooky) photos!


There’s no guarantee you won’t get splashed, even while fishing for trout and smallmouth bass.


There’s nothing better than relaxing at camp after an awesome day of whitewater rafting.


There was great fishing this year from beginners to professionals and from 7 year olds to 70 year olds!


Thank you to all who made this year so spectacular!