5 Reasons why it’s good to go on Adventure Vacations

There’s something about adventure trip vacations that a beach or city vacation just can’t provide. Here are the 5 reasons we think Idaho whitewater rafting trips are the absolute best kind of vacation around.

1. You can challenge yourself.

2 people have fun kayaking down the snake river on a rafting trip

Push through your fears. Hike that mountain. Raft that whitewater. Kayak that rapid. See what you are capable of, because it’s always more than you thought. It may be scary at first, but it’s always smiles at the end of a Hells Canyon Rafting Trip.

2. Reinvigorate

a backpacker with her hands in the air in celebration is on the edge of a cliff with the seven devils mountain range vista in front of her during a hell hike and raft hiking trip

Spend time outdoors. Breathe in that good fresh air. Take the time to see wild nature.

Spending time nature is proven to be relaxing and good for the soul.

3. Take a time out

A man fishes on a beautiful day on a Hells Canyon Whitewater Rafting Trip on the Snake River

Put the phones and computers away. Disconnect. Take a time out from emails and instant gratification. Shoot, take time out from planning meals and doing dishes. Take vacation that’s actually a vacation for everyone.

4. Make memories

A mom and son posing with a fish on the line during a rafting trip in Hells Canyon.

Unforced memories. Genuine memories. No TV. No internet. No distractions. Just quality time with your favorites people doing awesome activities together.

5. It’s good to try new things

Get out of the rut. Trying something new always feels good after you’ve done it.

6. Sleep under the stars

Nighttime sky full of stars against canyon walls during a Hells Canyon Whitewater Rafting Trip on the Snake River

This sounds like a small one but sleeping in nature under a crystal clear sky full of the Milky Way, shooting stars and satellites does something to your soul. It seems to reconnect us to our human history.

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