FOOD PACKING: Private Trip Food Outfitting

Food packing and outfitting for Hells Canyon on the Snake River, the Lower Salmon River, and surrounding area.

Going on a private rafting trip with a whole group and don’t want to handle packing the food?

We’ve got you covered.

We’ll do all the food planning, organizing, and packing at our super convenient pick up location.

Our food is delicious, locally sourced when possible, and scratch made. We do the scratch part in out kitchen so you don’t have do it on the river: pre-marinated meats, easy to prep foods, and easy instructions. You’ll be eating hearty, healthy and satisfying meals on the river – just as it should be.

Menu Example:

Need more or less days of food? No problem! 3-8 day menu’s are available. Menu’s are customizable to fit your river trip.


  • All ingredients to make meals
  • Spices
  • Coffee with creamer and sugar
  • Ice (We know it can get HOT in those canyons, so we’ll be sure to pack you with enough ice to keep that delicious food cold.)


  • Charcoal
  • Lighter fluid
  • Matches
  • All beverages (except for coffee)
  • Different kinds of sweetener besides sugar
  • Soft goods: ziplocks, trash bags, tin foil, dish washing items, etc are also not included.

Would you like them to be included? Give us a call and we can add these items on for an additional fee.

Customizing a Menu:

Do you have people with allergies in your party? Or vegetarians? Vegan? Gluten Free? Just a picky eater? Let us know before finalizing the menu! We’d be happy to work with you and make sure that everyone eats delicious food throughout the whole trip.

We’ll also have everyone in the group fill out a food questionnaire to make sure everyone’ll be full and happy on the river trip.

Additional Alterations:

Want quick and easy cold breakfasts in the morning? Not into desserts? Have a bunch of kids on your trip? Let us know and we’ll make the food work for whatever kind of trip you’ve got going on.

How your food gets packed:

You bring the coolers and dry boxes and we’ll provide plenty of food to keep you full and happy on your river trip.

All refrigerated and frozen food will be chilling waiting to be put into your coolers, while the dry goods will be packed and organized into cardboard bags by meal. Pickup should be about 30 minutes to an hour long depending on group size and organization. 

Coolers will be organized by meat, dairy, produce and lunch when there’s enough coolers available. Prefer the coolers to be organized differently? Let us know at least 2 days ahead of pickup and we can organize it how you like. 


Pick up and dropping off:

Pick up’s: Food pick ups can be scheduled the day before or day of your launch. The pick up location is at 85 S Superior St Cambridge, ID. It’s right on Highway 95 before the turn into Hells Canyon. There is plenty of street parking for vehicles and trailers.

Not passing through Cambridge? We also deliver food to the Hells Canyon Dam or Whitebird, ID. Give us a call to chat details and pricing!

Drop off’s: There’s no need to drop anything back off in Cambridge.

Getting rented rafts delivered into Hells Canyon? We work with rental outfitters to pack your food on the delivery ride in. Let us know which company you’re renting from and we’ll try to organize a smooth pickup where your food and rafts will be waiting at the dam.


$54/person per day

For the standard menu. Customizing the menu may change the price slightly. A 50% nonrefundable deposit is due at time of ordering, and the last 50% is due 2 weeks before your trip.

How to ORDER:

Fill out your details below or give us a call at 208-347-3862 to talk details and get you on your way to an awesome river trip with some of the best river food you’ve ever had!

Will you be cooking with Dutch Ovens?

Any known allergies or food preferences?