When we got back from our most recent adventure, I couldn’t wait to sit down and share the experience with our readers! America’s Rafting Company set out on Sunday Morning to take a group backpacking in the Seven Devils Mountains here in Idaho, in fact the trail head is just about an hour away from our back door (how lucky are we!). This trip gave us such great joy and appreciation that it’s going to be hard to fit it all into one post!

We are one of two Outfitters in Idaho that have a backpacking permit in the Seven Devils Mountains. We have a specific route that we can hike down to the Snake River and float out of the canyon on rafts, rather than having to back track. It’s one of the most unique trips that we offer. It happens to be one of my favorites as well. I have been backpacking for many years now, I love the simplicity of backpacking. It’s a very minimalist sport and I love that whatever I bring in to the wilderness is packed in by me. There is hardly any impact on the environment and I can travel to places so beautiful that not many people get to see.

Backpacking the Seven Devils Mountains is not a trip for the faint of heart, you have to have some really good, broke in hiking boots, a lot of will power and some humor to get you through the long days spent on the trail. If you can get all of that together and put some supplies in a pack, then I promise that anytime spent hiking in the Seven Devils will not be wasted. You will be in awe of the peaks and valleys and alpine lakes. It’s a trip that was on my bucket list for a long time and each time I visit the Devils, I think of another stretch of the trail to add to my bucket list, in fact, the trails have become a permanent fixture on my list. I am counting down the days until our next trip.

In next week’s post, I will write about some of the basics of the trails and the geography and landmarks involved.

Until next time, here are some pictures…

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