1. It’s the deepest canyon in North America!

Tent camping in the beautiful Hells Canyon on the Snake River during a multiday rafting trip.

No lie. It’s almost 2000 feet deeper than the Grand Canyon!

2. It’s an absolute hidden gem

No many people are aware of Hells Canyon hiding deep in the border of Idaho and Oregon. It’s always been a quiet area and with that huge 125 mile long canyon blocking all roads and bridges it’s easy to see why.

3. It’s highly regulated, which mean it’s quiet and protected.

A man fishes on a beautiful day on a Hells Canyon Whitewater Rafting Trip on the Snake River

Only a certain amount of rafts and jet boats can be in Hells Canyon in the summer. This makes for an absolutely serene canyon. There’s no fighting for camps or overcrowded river corridors. It’s just absolutely stunning nature seen the way it should be, with just a few friends or family.

4. There is a ton of wildlife

From bald eagles, to black bears. Big horn sheep to white mountain goats. Otters to osprey. There’s always an animal to look out for and most trips we find them.

5. The fishing is great!

HellsCanyon Rafting Trips: whitewater rafting and fishing on the Snake River
Hells Canyon Rafting: whitewater rafting trips on the Snake River.

Hells Canyon is so remote that it is not over-fished. There is great trout and smallmouth bass fishing and there are 8-10 foot white sturgeon in the Snake River to boot!

6. The stars are even better

Nighttime sky full of stars against canyon walls during a Hells Canyon Whitewater Rafting Trip on the Snake River

With no ambient light for miles around and being sometimes 8,000 feet below the canyon rim, it’s no wonder the stars are so phenomenal. The hardest part is staying awake long enough to enjoy the crystal clear Milky Way popping out, the thousands and thousands of stars, the satellites crossing the sky and even the International Space Station making an appearance every now and again. If you’re up for it, we highly recommend sleeping outside the tent, so every time you roll over at night full get a glimpse of the magical night’s sky up above.

7. There are no biting bugs!

There are no mosquitos in Hells Canyon. The water level changes so much that they cannot breed in the canyon. This makes for beautiful summer Hells Canyon river trips free of bug spray and itching bites.

8. It’s a one-of-a-kind adventure vacation

Looking over Suicide Point into Hells Canyon on a Snake River Rafting Trip

There’s the whitewater, the calm sections of river with great fishing and fun swimming, there’s hikes to old homesteads, there’s wild fruit growing everywhere, there’s beautiful camps to enjoy in the evenings, there’s wild life galore, there’s… well it something you have to see to believe just how amazing Hells Canyon Rafting is.

Looking to see it for yourself? Jump on a Hells Canyon Rafting Trip this summer!