So you’re thinking about a rafting trip. Or maybe not. Or maybe you’re on the fence thinking “so what’s so great about an overnight rafting trip anyways?”

I could tell you about the rapids, or the sunshine, or the beautiful camps, but do you know what the best part is? THE. FOOD.

Guides serve grilled chicken and veggies, cornbread, and coleslaw during a Hells Canyon Rafting Trip's dinner

Seriously. There’s something about eating delicious food while sitting at a table next to the river, at the bottom of a canyon, when the sun is starting to set and the light keeps changing on the canyon walls. It’s atmosphere a restaurant can’t even buy.

At this point on a trip, you’ve already had a mouthwatering appetizer of baked brie, or fresh bruschetta with Idaho tomatoes, or spinach and artichoke dip on a crusty baguette, so you know something special’s coming for dinner.

The guides are working hard in the kitchen, or hardly working? It’s hard to tell. They call dinner and as you walk up the beach to the river kitchen they’re uncovering the dutch ovens of steaming, scrumptious smelling food.

Grilling meat and veggies and dutch oven baking on a sandy river side beach in Hells Canyon on the Snake River
Grilling meat and veggies and dutch oven baking in Hells Canyon on the Snake River

Sliced grilled Tri-tip steak, garlic asparagus, fluffy couscous, a salad with candied walnuts, apples, and gorgonzola cheese, and then you get to the hot and steamy fresh baked bread with butter.

The plate easily overfills but it’s been an active day outdoors and you’re hungry. Everyone takes seat at the riverside table, table wine is passed around and it’s time to dig in.

You know a meal is great when everyone stops talking.

People start chatting again, their plates empty and bellies full. A guide clears the plates only to bring back dessert. Warm, gooey, marshmallowy s’mores bars are served out of a dutch oven. That’s the night cap. The sun is fully gone now and it starts to get dark. A few head to their tent to pretend to read. The stars come out and it’s hard to keep awake but they’re just so spectacular. The Milky Way is out and shining by the time you hit the hay. You try you best to soak all the star gazing in but with such adventure and a full belly there is no fight. You sleep soundly in your tent in the warm Idaho air.

There’s nothing better than relaxing at camp after an awesome day of whitewater rafting.

If you couldn’t tell, we take our food seriously here at America’s Rafting Co. Our goal is to give you the best restaurant quality food served via rafts and guides in the great outdoors. That means scratch made and full of love (as cheesy as that sounds).

We use as much produce from Idaho as possible and the difference is major. Local tomatoes, melons, peppers, and even green beans taste worlds apart than their supermarket cousins. Local beef and bacon need little help to be absolutely mouth watering.

Want to see what we do? The only way is to jump on a Hells Canyon Rafting Trip. It’s much more than just overnight whitewater rafting.

Come for the whitewater, stay for the food.