007 (1024x648)As I sit at my PC, I marvel at the ways that the computer has enabled us to connect to others far away, to keep up on the lives of loved ones, and to share photos of captured memories with friends in another time zones.

The computer has brought so many advantages, but along with those come disadvantages. Parents have to monitor screen time, as a society we sit too much and don’t use our bodies enough, information is instant at the touch of a button, in order to have a social interaction, you no longer have to leave your house, and the list goes on. With the Facebook, twitter, pinterest, our world has changed and our children are changing – how do we curb that?

I don’t think we do. Just like anything in life, balance and moderation are key. It’s important to know when to unplug, where to unplug and how to unplug.

In addition, it’s becoming even more important to make memories outside of the screen – go outside, play in the dirt, breathe fresh air, feel the earth under your feet. Take in this beautiful planet in any way you can. Looking for answers?

Take your family on a white water rafting trip for goodness sake!

On every family white water rafting trip I have ever been on, there’s come an inevitable point in the trip, the last day, you make a turn around the last bend in the river and the take-out appears in the distance.

Whether it’s Pittsburgh Landing on the Snake River, Heller Bar from the Salmon or Birch Creek on the Owyhee River, I know that the take-out is coming, but as it appears on the horizon a fleeting thought goes through my mind, “go back, row up river, I’m not ready to go home!” However, I know it’s not possible and maybe that’s why I love family white water rafting trips so much, because I never want them to end! Lucky for me, I own a river company and can go rafting for a living, pretty fortunate soul, I am!

What I love the most about family white water rafting trips, is the uninterrupted interaction. There are no watches, no ringing cell phones, no unanswered emails, really there are no demands at all! You’re on river time. There is nothing like it in the world, it’s the most exhilarating, yet relaxing trip all in one. If you’re planning a summer getaway this year, and you’d really like to get your children or your spouse unplugged and connect, a family white water rafting trip is the way to go!

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