Wait a second, it’s July 29th?!? I can’t believe how quickly summer is flying by! They say that time flies when you’re having fun and it can’t be more true during the summer. I wish we were at the start of June again, just creeping into our whitewater trips, but sadly our launch dates are flying by so quickly, I can hardly keep up! I’ve been terrible about blogging and facebooking out Idaho Whitewater Rafting, but I will definitely have a lot to write about this fall once things finely go back to a normal pace.

We’ve had a great season so far: lots of big trips, lots of big whitewater and lots of big adventure! We’ve been in and out of the Snake River Canyon 6 times this summer and visited the Salmon River Canyon 4 times! We still have quite a few more trips up our sleeve for the summer and even into the fall. By October 1st, we’ll have our boats rolled up and put to bed after out Idaho Whitewater Rafting season. I won’t drag on and on about our trips, instead, I will just share some of my favorite photos so far of Idaho Whitewater Rafting:

Idaho Whitewater

Floating the Salmon River

Idaho Whitewater

Dutch Oven Cooking, alongside the Salmon River, enjoying some Idaho Whitewater

Idaho Whitewater

Fishing on the Salmon River

We’ve got a 6-day Hells Canyon trip out on the water right now, Parker and I are going to sneak in to join them- they’re having too much fun without us and we can’t stand it. Once we get back, we will welcome August with open arms, it will be a great month!

Take me to the river…