It’s Monday again! Doesn’t it seem like Mondays show up without warning and smack you in the face to remind you that the weekend freedom is over? Sheesh! Anyways, here’s what this rafting company was up to over the weekend:


Rafting Company, new boat shop is going up!

We now have poles in the ground for the new shop! Things are moving along quite nicely, fingers crossed that we don’t have any snow for a bit. Although, Brundage Ski Resort (we can see the runs from our front window) reported 3 inches of the powdery white stuff on Sunday, so it’s definitely happening, old man winter is creeping in to town!

Pretty quiet little weekend, it flew right by us, we’re back to the grind again. Working on our year end reports for our 2014 season, which is always a sad report to file, it means that the season is officially over and on the books. On the bright side, this rafting company is looking forward to 2015, it will be here before we know it!!

Cheers to you with my second cup of coffee for this shiny Monday, have a great week!

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Rafting Company guests, giving a cheers!

See you on the river…