The mountains are calling and I must go. This is a mantra that plays through our heads often. We love the mountains, whether it’s a snow capped peak here in Meadows Valley, or a high ridge mountain towering above Hells Canyon, Snake River, we hear them calling all the time. They loom in the back of our minds with the promise of adventure. This past weekend was no different. America’s Rafting Company heard the mountain’s call and we headed out.

This time, since we are well into December now, the mountains are covered in snow! So much snow that a snowmobile was our means of transportation. Our mountains don’t have nearly enough snow, but there was plenty to play!  America’s Rafting Company loaded up the snowmobiles and headed out with friend and fellow river guide, Tony Herold. The weather was comfortable, albeit a little foggy. But, there was no rain or wind to speak of and we were thankful for that. Rain and snow can do a number on your face when traveling at speeds of 50-75 mph on the trail. We had a mission to complete yesterday, the annual harvesting of the Christmas tree. But, before that there was some exploring to do and we didn’t want to have a fir tree strapped to the back of the snowmobile all day long, so we kept our eyes open for the perfect tree form and headed out on the trail. We rode just outside of McCall, Idaho. It only took about 25 minutes to get from the warehouse to the parking lot, we live and work and play in the heart of everything outside and mountain-y.

After some miles on the trail and some snacks and hot cocoa, we had reached our destination and eyed this little cabin all snow covered and tucked in for winter:


Little snow covered cabin, tucked in for winter.


View from the trail


Dead end road, with no winter access, unless you’re on a snow mobile!


Tree captured, by the head honchos at America’s Rafting Company

We turned around to slowly start making our way back to the trucks, but still keeping our eyes out for trees. Just a couple miles before the parking lot, I had spotted a looker and kept him in the back of my mind. I hadn’t seen anything else that topped the tree, so I led the crew over to the tree and we sized it up, a little bigger than we wanted, but we have a pretty big window to fill at the house, so the tree would work just perfectly. America’s Rafting Company had chosen the tree for 2014 and they were happy with the selection. Once home, the smell of fresh cut pine enveloped the house. The mountains had called and America’s Rafting Company went. It was a great weekend spent with friends in Idaho’s back country.

See you on the river…