Idaho whitewaterIdaho whitewater most likely conjures up images of rafts, rapids, river, canyons, and the great outdoors, right? Wrong. Idaho whitewater is so much more than that! When thinking about Idaho whitewater, you have to think about it as a liquid flowing, constantly changing entity. The behind the scenes of what it takes to get that Idaho whitewater there and how you got there to see it.

In order for Idaho whitewater to become what it is, we need snow! So, this week’s post is all about the snow (not the bass) We rely on our snow packs to fill the rivers of Idaho and provide that much needed whitewater throughout the summer, and year-round. All of the Idaho whitewater rivers will ideally flow year-round, not just in the Spring and Summer. That means we need A LOT of snow! This past weekend, our hometown celebrated just that- SNOW, and winter in the form of a 10-day (it’s still happening) long Winter Carnival. This year marked 50 years of Winter Carnival for McCall! We attended the opening ceremonies on Saturday- there was a parade, snow-bike race, monster dog-pull, vendor court, and the list goes on! My most favorite part of Winter Carnival is the snow sculptures! Artists come from all around and are commissioned by local businesses to build their most creative sculpture from snow and ice! It’s absolutely astonishing what these guys and gals come up with and how big some of the sculptures turn out! Some of my favorites this year were the 30 foot tall snowman, Olaf and Sven and a little Idaho whitewaterairstream camper! There were over 30 sculptures altogether. We were lucky enough to have some family in town, so we of course took them on tour to show off all the snow and winter we love and adore.

Soon enough, those sculptures will melt and run into the streams and tributaries, then all the snow will melt and become what we know and love: Idaho whitewater! Now get out there and play in the snow!

Take me to the river…