Happy Valentine’s Day, ya’ll! Did you know that a Salmon River rafting trip can be just as romantic as a fancy dinner in an expensive restaurant? I would argue that any date spent outside is sure to be more memorable than one spent in a tired movie theater or same old restaurant. But, maybe that’s just me, good thing I’m shacked up with an outdoorsy dude. One of my favorite Salmon River rafting trips that we’ve done happened a couple years ago and it had some very special circumstances surrounding it, which made for an amazing trip!

salmon river rafting

Me and my Valentine!


salmon river raftingI was contacted by a relative wanting to buy a gift certificate for a newlywed couple. They were to spend their honeymoon in McCall and the gift certificate was a gift for them. We talked the relatives into buying them a candlelight cruise, rather than just a typical 1-day rafting trip. It was so fun! The newly weds had been spending their honeymoon week mountain biking, hiking and dining in the great town of McCall, their Salmon River rafting trips was one of the last things that they were going to do before heading back home and starting their life together as a married couple. We met them at Hammer Creek Recreation area late in the afternoon, rather than our normal 9 am departure. The couple floated and fished, hiked and swam- they even jumped off the log! It was a great afternoon, then when the sun was thinking about setting, we found a great spot for dinner, set up a table on the river’s edge and served a four course meal- it was fabulous!

salmon river rafting salmon river rafting

So, whatever you do on this Valentine’s Day- be sure to spend some time outside with your Valentine. A little fresh air and sunshine is sure to set anyone in a good valentine-y mood! I don’t have plans today be Salmon River rafting today, but if it were a little warmer, I probably would!

Take me to the river…