_MG_4591When we talk multi-day white water rafting in Idaho, we are often asked about food! As a people, food is so important to us for obvious reasons: nutrition, survival, etc. From a social aspect, food serves so much more than that. It’s all about getting together to celebrate and reminisce and look forward to the next chapter, take for instance, all of our holidays: they revolve around food. If there is a celebration: job promotion, birthday or anniversary, we celebrate with food! So, on our multi-day white water rafting in Idaho trips, food is a vital part of the trip and a piece that we don’t take lightly.

_MG_4375Being self-proclaimed foodies, we take a lot of pride in the menu on our white water in Idaho trips. We want to be sure that the food offers comfort, is memorable and of course tastes good!

Our days on the river start out with hot coffee from our 2.5 gallon aluminum coffee pot, check out the video here, showing Woody spinning the coffee to compact the grounds at the bottom after brewing over an open flame. After coffee is served, with all the fixings (including organic creamer), we serve a hot breakfast with fruit, homemade granola and Greek yogurt. Lunch is served buffet “riverside“. We have anything from a deli sandwich set up to a taco bar. Fresh fruit, cold drinks and homemade cookies round out the meal. Our guides will choose a point of interest for lunch, maybe it’s a little old homestead tucked away in the trees or pictographs left from the Nez Pearce Indians. You never know what you’re going to see and our river canyons are brimming with spectacular sights!

Once your stomach star_MG_4380ts to rumble, indicating that dinner might be close, you’ve probably pulled into camp, laid out your sleeping bags, changed into your “camp clothes”, you’ll start smelling fresh bread, cake, grilled veggies and marinating steaks. Appetizers are always served, on the last night we usually do a baked brie-it’s quickly become a crowd favorite!

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So, as you can see, our multi-day white water rafting in Idaho trips don’t skimp on anything: you’ll be treated with the best fine-dining that Idaho’s river canyons can offer!

The river is calling…